Sunday, July 6, 2014

Favorite Poems/Collections

Hi, all. I'd love to hear about your favorite poems or collections of poems. Mine is The Shadow of Sirius, by W.S. Merwin. I'm drawn to different poems in it at different times, but this one remains one of my very favorites.


The stars emerge one
by one into the names
that were last found for them
far back in other
darkness no one remembers
by watchers whose own
names were forgotten
later int he dark
and as the night deepens
other lumens begin
to appear around them
as though they were shining
through the same instant
from a single depth of age
though the time between
each one of them
and its nearest neighbor
contains in its span
the whole moment of the earth
turning in a light
that is not its own
with the complete course
of life upon it
born to brief reflection
recognition and anguish
from one cell evolving
to remember daylight
laughter and distant music

--W.S. Merwin

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